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Fiction Alley's HMS Wolfstar is a busy, busy ship, and sometimes we're so busy climbing the rigging, swabbing the decks, navigating by the stars, and debating whether Character Z ever knew about RL/SB that we feel like we aren't connecting personally. Ship talk is great here, but this is a place where you can feel free to talk about other things that would be considered off-topic on Fiction Alley. We love Manraviel; we don't love being thwapped by her, and I'm sure she doesn't love thwapping us, either.


1. Try to use proper spelling, puncutation, capitalization, and grammar, though we understand if you make mistakes. Example of an okay mistake: "I think that James found out about them accidently." Example of a not-okay mistake: "i htink that james fond out about them accidentlly."

2. I don't know why you'd want to, but don't attack anyone personally. A personal attack: "Shipper Z, stop being such a stupid idiot, of course Sirius is gay." Not a personal attack: "Shipper Z, I really don't think that Sirius is bi, and I don't think there's much evidence to back up that he is."

3. If you're going to have non-PG-13-or-less posts, put it under a cut. We've got some younger shippers.

When You Post For the First Time...

Please tell us what your name on Fiction Alley is. I know some of you have the same name, but some of you have radically different ones, so it's best if everyone says who they are.

a_kindara is Aeli Kindara
doggy_shampoo is TheForgottenStarr
elrondio is elrondio
framlingem is Framling
hairyonion is crazy_kneazle
lucymay_lj is lucy potter
madilayn is Madilayn
magic_at_mungos is blonde goldfish
marauderthesn is Marauder
opalv_ is Opal Valentino
paulamcg is PaulaMcG
rainfire_dancer is Elisovara Marinetta Walker
scortia is scortia
amberdowny is Secret Plasures
shaggydogstail is Shaggydogstail
sigmaforsale is Callisto Wales
sleeper6 is Sleeper6
smalldiver is smalldiver
sortedslytherin is KarmaKitty
tehgenius is _x_phoenixtear_x_ (call her Rach)
thothscribe81 is thothscribe81
trowicia is trowicia

So...want to talk about your brother's wedding? Glitter fics? How March of the Penguins should have had some gay penguins? The best way to deadhead marigolds? The wtf-ness of Remus/Tonks? Your cat? Your teacher? Knitting patterns? Go for it!

Love, Marauder :D