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April 8th, 2007 - Wolfstar Pub — LiveJournal

About April 8th, 2007

*waves and licks* 11:42 am
Hello all!

I am [info]thaichicken/luvsharrypotter over at FA. I'm a nerd in high school. Yey! Ummm, hmm. I'm a little bit of a spaz, and I REALLY love foreign languages. Right now I'm taking Latin, and I really hope to take Ancient Greek and American Sign Language next year. Probably I won't do both, though, knowing my mom. I also love math (not geometry so much, though), and I cannot stand history. It drives me crazy. (Thus, I am posting on LJ instead of doing my history homework...)

I really like reading fics, and I would like to write some too, but writing is NOT my strong point. I have one fic over at FA that my friend and I wrote at one in the morning, so it's a little on the weird side... yeah...

The only other thing I have to say is that it is EASTER TODAY!!!! And therefore there should not be two feet of snow all over the ground. *pout* But there is. T_T


Edit: If "productive" is a mood, "procrastinating" should be one too...
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